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70 Week Prophecy

The Amazing Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks

This is a genuinely exciting prophecy and shows how the Lord God controls all things. This prophecy outlines the order of the various events that God has ordained. If you do not really understand the teaching that this prophecy brings, then you will never understand how God’s plan will unfold. The "single page chapters" are...


What Is Going To Happen After Seventy Weeks?

The prophecy is all about Daniel’s people and Daniel’s holy city. Thus it is all about the Jewish people and Jerusalem. How it all fits together is the subject and it tells the date when Jesus the Messiah will initially come and extends to the end of the age when the Lord returns.


The Starting Point Of The Seventy Weeks

The seventy weeks provided a time frame within which God is working out His plans. For it to have meaning it must have a starting date and that’s what is examined here.


The Messiah “Cut Off” and The Arrival of Antichrist

Daniel reveals that the Messiah will be “cut off.” From out position in history we know what the means, but it was Daniel that revealed it. Daniel also reveals a “false Messiah,” the Antichrist, and he reveals detail of this monstrous man.


The Seventieth Week

This gives much detail of Antichrist and what happens to him. It leads to the glorious Return of our Lord and Saviour.


An Objection

As there is a time gap in this prophecy some argue that a time gap is not justifiable. The fact is that there are many time gaps in prophecy and Jesus even revealed one Himself as will be shown.

The 70 Weeks Prophecy

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