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The Church And Islam 

Part One


Jesus In The Koran

Some years ago there was a man wearing a tee shirt that said, “I found Prophet Jesus in the Quran.” At that time I did not know anything about the Koran so an investigation began and I found that the Koran does indeed speak of Jesus. This series will show what the Koran says with exact quotations, and providing the context whenever necessary. 


The Birth Of Jesus And His Death

The birth of Jesus and His death and resurrection are essential elements of the Gospel. Without them there is no Gospel and thus no salvation. What does the Koran say about these vital matters?


Where Was Jesus Born?

The Bible that teaches that Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Well, the Koran declares that that information is not true and that He was born “under a date palm.”


About The Incarnation and Whose Daughter Is Mary?

The Koran teaches that the Bible got it wrong again. You will never guess whose Mary’s parents are.


Who Was Jesus?

The Koran declares Jesus to be “Not more than a slave” and He was “no more than a messenger.”


Did Jesus Die On The Cross?

The Koran declares “Whereas in fact, they did not slay him nor did they crucify him but the matter was made dubious for them … for it is certain that they did not kill Jesus.”


The Koran Claims That Jesus Prophesied That Another Superior To Himself Would Come

In your wildest imagination you will never guess who the subject of this alleged prophecy is.


Do You Know What “Shirk” Is?

It is an unforgivable sin, so the Koran says, and all true Christians have committed it.


The above comprises Section One of this Series which shows that the Jesus of the Koran is NOT the Jesus revealed in the Holy Bible.

Part Two also forms a part of this series and both should be read.

The Church And Islam Part One

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