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Replace Theo

Replacement Theology

Many in the Church believe that God has cast Israel away forever and replaced it with the Church. These "Single Paged Papers" will argue that God HAS NOT replaced His people.


Has God Cast Away His People? 

The Covenant with Abraham was also repeated to his sons. It was without any conditions and that means that no matter what Israel did in relation to this Covenant, or did not do in relation to it, cannot affect God’s promise to them.

Is God Faithful?  ​

Are God’s promises (to Israel) reliable? The conclusion is inevitable: God is faithful.

Israel No More  

Many in the Church today are working against Israel through the BDS Movement. It stands for Boycott (Israel) Divest (that is withdraw all types of support for Israel) Sanction (work towards the total isolation of Israel). This idea is examined.

Who Gets The Promised Land?

God has made many promises to Israel about the “Promised Land.” If the Church replaces Israel then which denomination inherits the “Promised Land?”  Or do these Holy Promises of God just lapse?


"By Their Fruits (you shall know them.)" 

Three examples show the fruits of the idea that God has thrown Israel to the wolves.


New Testament Evidence - Romans 9 To 11 

The plain words of the New Testament support the resurgence of Israel.


How Much Sin Can God Forgive?  

If God has cast Israel away then we ask “How Much Sin Can God Forgive?” for Israel must have well exceeded that limit.


Do The Promises Of God Mean What They Plainly Say?  

Can we trust the plain words of Scripture, or do we need a highly trained person to interpret them for us?


Antisemitism Proves That Israel Remain Chosen  

“And Satan stood up against Israel…” (1 Chronicles 21: 1) The claim here is that antisemitism PROVES that Israel remain the Chosen People of God. Satan is behind all antisemitism, so why would he continue to persecute the Jews if God had already cast them out? If God had already cast Israel out then surely Satan has already won, so why does he continue the persecution?

Replacement Theology

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