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The Main Victims

The Moslems Are The Main Victims Of Islamic Terrorism?


This series of The Single Paged Papers concerns the primary victims of Islam: the suffering Moslems themselves. I am certain that there are many Moslems who are just like us. They don’t want trouble. They have their own ways, their own families, their own friends and they just want to live an ordinary every day life, but they can’t because they are cursed by their seemingly unbreakable connection to Islam. This series explains why they are controlled and details the methods of control.


For many years I was an active player involved in countering the march of communist terrorism in the Philippines. Little did we know that the Lord was preparing us for another battle; the rise of Islamic terrorism. It is remarkable how Marxist terrorism and Islamic terrorism have many similarities.


This short series will prove to be

an exciting, and thus an interesting journey.


Islam Controls Its Own People By Terror

The information in this account is based on many years of experience working against terrorism. An observation is that there is not much difference between communist and Islamist terrorism as this account will attempt to explain. It is further hoped that the information presented here will be helpful in understanding the plight that many totally innocent Islamic people do live with daily.


Genesis: Begin To Understand Terrorism

Islam appears to be using the tactics the communists used, and they may have learned some of them from the communists themselves. Muammar Gaddafi, the now deceased Libyan leader, tried to link the Filipino communists and the Filipino Moslems together against their common enemy, the Philippines Government. Learn about this connection and how the Islamists use the communist terror tactics. It will open your eyes.


Corruption Creates “No Hope” For The People And Islam Crushes Them

Islamic countries have an incredibly rich ruling class, a legal system that is easily manipulated by the ruling class, and the “ordinary” people have no hope of any democratic process. They have no vote and are a poor population crushed by a non-tolerant religion. They struggle along as best they can.


By Deception And By Force

Islam deceives the people and Islam rules the people by force. The victims of Islamic terrorism are the Moslems themselves. This “page” really is not about Islam but it does spell out how terrorism gains control and it will alarm you.


Enemies Of The People

The enemies of Islam are clearly defined, they are everyone who does not believe in “our particular brand” of Islam. Some of the worst, and easy to identify, are “the people of the Book,” the Jews and Christians. The enemies of Islam abound, and must be dealt with. See how they gain control.


Big Brother Is Watching You

People complain that “good” Moslems do not condemn the terror attacks that happen. You will understand why when you read and understand this.


What Do You Do Deadly Trouble Comes Knocking At Your Door?

Three true stories are presented here and they will alarm you.


Sharia Law Is Operating In Australia

Sharia Law is currently underground but is operating in Australia and many innocent Moslems are suffering under its power.


Sharia Law In Action

Sharia Law is THE rule of Law in many countries and it is brutal. Examples are given from Indonesia. Iran, Saudi Arabia and similar examples are available from other places.


Many Moslems Are Awakening To Christ

Listen to many exciting testimonies from the awakening that the Lord is bringing about in many Moslem lands. Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and elsewhere. If you have a heart for the Lord and His work, then you will thrill to hear these exciting but painful stories.

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