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Gems From Zechariah

Gems does not cover the whole book of Zechariah but rather selects various passages that are considered to be Gems. The "single page chapters" are...


The Two Advents In The One Verse 

There is one verse that speaks of the two comings of the Lord. It is a Gem.


The Two Olive Trees And The Candlestick

The national emblem of modern Israel comes from this passage, and there is a surprise ending as well.


The Idol Shepherd

The monstrous Antichrist revealed.


A Nation Converted In A Day

The whole nation of Israel thoroughly converted to Christ in “one day.” They at last recognise Jesus as their Messiah.


The Battle For Jerusalem

The Lord Himself fights for Israel and WINS!


The Regathering Of The Chosen People

The Jewish people have been scattered for thousands of years. In all of that time they remembered Him for God promised “they shall remember Me in far countries” and they have. God Himself will regather all of them.


The Lord Returns To Jerusalem

The second coming of the Lord.


My House Shall Be Built In Jerusalem

Zechariah prophesies that the Lord Himself will “return to Jerusalem” and “My house shall be built in it.”  It is Jesus the Messiah who oversees the building of this Temple.


Living Waters Flowing From Jerusalem

The new Temple has remarkable features. One is that “it shall come to pass in that day, a fountain shall come forth out of the house of the Lord.” It will spread from the Temple and “everything that lives, which moves, wherever the rivers shall come, shall live.”

Gems From Zechariah

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