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7000 Year Theory

The 7000 Year Theory


What Is The 7000 Year Theory?

The 7000 Year Theory is the idea that there will be 6000 years of mankind’s history and that the 7000th year will be the Millennial Reign of Christ. Initially it may seem to be a wild proposition in these days when much of the Church is so ignorant of the Lord’s Return. However this idea was believed by the first century Church, and those people had access to the Apostles, as will be shown. This series is not based on any definitive Scripture but is rather drawn from an overview of many Scriptures and they, when combined, present a certain picture. You will be able to decide for yourself if there is any merit in it, but it is an assessment that you will find interesting and thought provoking.


Evidence That The Early Church Believed This Theory

There is evidence that the first century Church believed in the 7000 year theory. There are books still existing that give evidence of this, but those books do not form a part of the Holy Scriptures. One of them was written by Barnabas, a companion of Paul.


Enter Bishop James Ussher

Bishop Ussher is best known today for his monumental work called “The Annals Of The World” in which he determines the date of creation entirely from the Holy Scriptures. He is mocked these days by many who put their faith in science rather than the Holy Bible. Ussher, using the Bible, which is full of dates and long family trees sets the creation date which is required to understand this interesting Theory as you will see.


Hosea Reveals All And Brings Light And Joy

This is a rather remarkable passage from the ancient prophet Hosea and it truly does bring light and that light leads to joy for the Chosen People of God.

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