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Amillennialism or Premillennialism?


There is much confusion in the organised Church and that confusion is the direct result of the debate addressed here.


Is there “To Be Or Not To Be” a Millennial Reign of Christ?

A belief in Amillennialism or Premillennialism has an infinite amount to do with how we interpret the Bible. This series attempts to answer that question.


Consistency Of Interpretation

Whatever our belief may be it should at least be consistent, but is it?


The Church And Israel - Some Of the Differences

Ten differences are listed showing that Israel and the Church are two different entities.


The Simplicity That Is In Christ

We are encouraged in the Scriptures to be “simple” and not to exhibit “fleshly (worldly) wisdom” but that is not the way with many people as we will see.


Peace On Earth

We sometimes quote “Peace on earth, good will to men” but Jesus said “I came not to send peace, but a sword.” How do we understand this apparent contradiction”


Mary Had A Little Lamb

This famous children’s poem recently underwent a full examination by the noted theologian, the Very Rev Veritas Slack. His explanation brought to life all sorts of hidden meanings, not normally noticed by those who insist on a literal understanding of the poem. What are they and how do they relate to this subject?


Is Satan Now Bound

Some Theologians argue that Satan is now bound, but does that assessment add up in the real world?


What Is The Role Of The Church According to the Bible?

Churches today are active in all sorts of enterprises, many of which have nothing at all to do with the true role of the Church. An on-line  dictionary partly defined the Church as an “ecclesiastical organisation, power and affairs as distinguished from the state.” Is that a fair description of the New Testament Church? If so, should it be?


The Millennial Kingdom Really Is Coming

The very last question Jesus was asked was “Lord, will you at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?”  We examine the answer that Jesus gave along with other Biblical evidence.


This Section Also Contains Two Diagrams 

They illustrate the Amillennial and Premillennial positions in an “easy to understand” way.

Amill or Premill
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